Kadence AI vs Elementor AI vs Divi AI: Which One to Choose to Create Your Websites

Kadence, Elementor, and Divi are the leaders in website building in WordPress. They all have brought AI integration to help users create websites faster. If you are confused about choosing the right one, we have compared Kadence AI vs Elementor AI vs Divi AI to help you understand who did it the best for you. 

Artificial intelligence is changing the world we live in, gradually, it is making a profound impact on the web industry. The modern-day AI integration in products helps you create spectacular images, write compelling content, and improve existing websites on the fly using artificial intelligence. Website creation in WordPress is mobilized with the introduction of AI. The integration gives you various benefits that enhance the website’s content, design, and engagement. It also helps web crafters with the way they build websites making it faster and easier than ever before.

Kadence, Elementor, and Divi have joined the party and implemented AI to help users with their websites. We will compare Kadence AI vs Elementor AI vs Divi AI and help you choose one. 

A Detailed Comparison of Kadence AI, Elementor AI, and Divi AI

We will check what’s in Kadence AI, Elementor AI, and Divi AI, compare their capabilities, and help you choose the right one for your project.

Before that, let’s take a look at all these AI solutions individually and see what’s in there for you. 

What’s in Kadence AI?

Kadence AI is an excellent AI-powered solution to speed up website design in WordPress, implementing intelligent design modifications, crafting website copy, and facilitating effortless website launches.

What’s in Kadence AI?

This comprehensive AI website solution helps the website creation process with AI-powered starter templates, an extensive design library featuring pages and patterns, and an innovative AI inline-block for seamless modifications to pages and posts. Here’s what Kadence Ai is in it:

  • AI Wizard for quick website design and delivery
  • A variety of starter templates enhanced by AI for a quick and efficient start to your website design all given on the color and information provided on AI Wizard.
  • Explore a design library containing over 600 customized pages and patterns, featuring AI-generated text and royalty-free images.
  • Global style starter to customize the color and font of your website
  • Utilize the AI inline-block to effortlessly generate text and enhance the content of pages and posts.

You can do a lot of customization and use patterns from the AI-generated synced design library to make any desired changes easily. 

Need to know how to use Kadence AI? Click here to know a detailed step-by-step tutorial.

What’s in Elementor AI?

Elementor AI enhances the website’s content, design, and engagement. With its AI writing assistant, you can create original and high-quality text within seconds and adjust your website’s content to maintain a consistent style that matches your brand. Elementor AI also enables you to make your website multilingual by translating it into any language.

What’s in Elementor AI?

You can use the Elementor AI Code Assistant to create Custom CSS, Custom Code, or HTML snippets for a multitude of purposes. Here’s what Elementor AI has in it:

  • Allows users to generate text on their website and adjust it as desired.
  • Enables translation of website content into various languages.
  • Generate AI images as you command
  • Employs Code Assistant to create Custom CSS without manual coding.
  • Code Assistant helps create Custom Code snippets for various purposes.

Elementor AI provides AI-powered assistance in content creation, design enhancement, multilingual translation, and custom code generation. The features in Elementor AI cater to users ranging from beginners building their first website to experienced creators looking to streamline workflows and elevate design elements.

What’s in Divi AI?

Divi AI is a powerful set of AI tools for WordPress creators that are integrated into the Divi Visual Builder.

What’s in Divi AI?

Divi AI enhances website creation by generating both text and images using artificial intelligence. 

  • Generate unique and stunning images directly within the Visual Builder
  • Generate high-quality content using Divi AI Content Writer utilizing large language models like ChatGPT and Llama 2, tailored to Divi.
  • Getting quick actions for images allows users to change styles, reimagine images, and perform various actions to enhance visual elements.

Divi AI acts like a professional copy editor, offering actions such as translation, fixing errors, shortening paragraphs, expanding ideas, changing tone, and automatic content improvement.

Kadence AI vs Elementor AI vs Divi AI

Kadence AI focused more on website creation making the process easier and faster. Whereas Elementor AI and Divi AI are focused on creating content and generating AI images. Let’s compare them on some key AI capability points.

AI to Create Website Faster

AI is making everything faster, easier, and better than ever before. So, it is better to check if these website-building tools can help users create websites faster. 

Well, it seems someone took the challenge and let newbies create websites with Kadence AI, and they have created websites in less than 10 minutes with the help of Kadence AI. Watch the full video here:

Elementor AI and Divi AI are more focused on what you can do with it after your site has a structure. They can work on the content, images, and code on the layouts already been set up. It makes the work faster but not with the website creation from scratch.

Control Global Styles and Customize

What happens to the design when you are ready with the layouts? well, you need to customize them, having a global control on the design helps a lot. Kadence has a way to do that while Elementor AI and Divi AI are missing on this.

Generate Content with Predefined and Custom Prompts

This is where everyone shines. Kadence AI,  Elementor AI, and Divi AI can help you generate text with predefined and custom prompts. Create content from scratch, make your existing content better, change tone, and do many more. 

Kadence AI took one step forward by distributing generated content based on AI Wizard inputs to appropriate pages. 

Generate AI Images

Elementor and Divi can generate AI images and make changes with prompts. Kadence AI does it differently. It suggests stock images based on Wizard inputs and places them in different media actions on your pages.

AI-Powered Design Library

All of these website-building tools have design libraries. AI does not do anything with these designs unless you meet Kadence AI. It provides you with a library of 600+ designs that represent your brands and keywords you have selected on Kadence AI wizard.

AI-Powered Design Library in Kadence Ai

Kadence AI is a sure winner when it comes to working with the design library synced with AI inputs. 


Divi with Divi AI is $377/ year and Divi AI alone is $24/month

Elementor AI is priced at $2.99/month with 18,000 credits for a single website and $8.99/month with 50,000 credits for multiple websites.

Kadence AI is included in the main pricing of the product. It does not charge any extra money. The free version of Kadence has some credits to try Kadence AI too.

Kadence AI,  Elementor AI, and Divi AI Features Comparison in a Table

We have listed down the AI capabilities and checked if all three of these website-building solutions have them. 

FeaturesKadence AIElementor AIDivi AI
AI Setup Wizard
Global Style Starter (Change colors and fonts of all AI-generated designs)
AI-powered Starter Templates
AI-powered Design Library
AI-powered Inline Content
Launch the Entire Site with AI
Provide Stock-Free Images
Generate AI Image
Predefined Prompts
Generate Custom Code
CustomizationHeavily customizableLimited to AI-generated sectionLimited to AI generated section
Pricing No Additional pricing needed$2.99/mo$18/month
Kadence AI,  Elementor AI, and Divi AI Features Comparison in a Table

AI in web design is a new concept, it is getting matured at every update for those who have integrated it. What Kadence AI has done is amazing. While all of these AI solutions in WordPress work fine, Kadence took it to the next level by making the process easier to create websites.

WordPress agencies and freelancers looking for a quick website can have it with Kadnece AI and deliver that to clients easily.

Elementor AI and Divi Ai work fine but are limited to text, image, and code generation, they barely have something to do with website creation from scratch.

If you are looking for an AI solution that helps you with content, and media, and also controls the entire design with a style starter, Kadence AI is the option for you. But, if you need AI just to generate AI content, AI images, and code, you can think about Elementor AI and Divi AI.

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