How to Force Log out Users From WordPress Sites in 2 Easy Steps

Want to force log out users from WordPress sites? While it is essential for many WordPress site owners, WordPress by default does not offer any such option to get your users logged out of their accounts on your site. For some security reasons, you may need to do this. That is why we will show you how to log out users from WordPress sites in 2 easy steps.

Different people have different reasons to force users to log out from WordPress sites. Whatever the reasons, our tutorial will help you do this easily.

When Should You Force Log Out Users From WordPress Sites?

If you are running a website that gives access to valuable resources for registered logged-in users. And, you don’t want one user to share his account and access your resources from different places simultaneously. Forcing users to log out of their accounts serves these purposes perfectly. 

People may also have different reasons to force logout users. Security is one of them. If you suspect that your website is under attack. Forcing users to log out from their accounts is one of the measures you can take to minimize the risk.

How to Force Log Out Users From WordPress Sites

Once you understand that you need your website users to log out from their accounts, you have to know the right way to do this. Let’s know all the steps below to get the job done easily.

Force Logout Users From WordPress Sites With a Plugin

First, we will force log out users on WordPress sites with a plugin. For this tutorial, we will use the WP Force Logout plugin. It is easy to use and requires no complex settings.

Step 1: Install and Activate the WP Force Logout Plugin.

First of all, you have to install and activate the WP Force Logout plugin on your WordPress sites. Install the plugin just like the way you install any other plugins in WordPress.

Step 2: Force Logout Users From Your Site

Force Log out Users From WordPress Sites

When you are logged in, go to Dashboard => Users. Now, checkmark the users you want to force logout. Select “Logout” from the “Bulk Action” dropdown above. Click “Apply”

Force Log out Users From WordPress Sites

If the users are online, there will be a Logout button beside each of the usernames. Just click on that to force logout that particular user. You can also bulk force log out users just like the method above.

Send Reset Password Requests

Send Reset Password Request

Apart from that, you can also, send reset password requests to users from your site. If you think that your users’ passwords have been compromised. go to Dashboard => Users, hover over the user you want to send a reset password request to. Click on “Send reset password”. The user will be notified about the password reset request in the email associated with the user account.

When you are running a membership or eLearning site, you have to make sure your users don’t share accounts with others. Otherwise, your valuable resources will be open to unauthorized people who did not pay for the resources you offer. This is why it is important to force log out users sometimes. Also, you should be careful about your website security. Observing users’ activity is one of the key parts of website security.

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