WordPress 5.2 is finally here: What’s New in it?

WordPress v5.2 is named “Jaco” in honor of renowned jazz bassist Jaco Pastorius, is finally available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. WordPress 5.2 is surely an exciting one with new blocks, security measures, fixes, and plenty of enhancements.

This is a kind of update that everyone will love. From developers to personal users, every WordPress enthusiast will have many things for them in it. Let’s check what WordPress 5.2 brings for us.

What’s in WordPress 5.2?

WordPress 5.2 update provides you even more robust tools for identifying and fixing configuration issues and fatal errors. Whether you are a developer helping clients or you manage your site alone, these tools can help get you the right information when you need it.

Fatal Error Recovery Mode

WordPress 5.2

WordPress 5.2 will allow administrators to fix or mitigate fatal errors on their site. When such fatal error occurs, a user-facing error screen will display that informs the user/visitor that the site is experiencing technical difficulties. Also, an email will be sent to the admin email address, informing about the issue and including a secret link to a new feature called the “recovery mode” upon occurring such errors. Clicking this link will have the user enter this recovery mode, which works by placing a cookie on the current client.

When in recovery mode, plugins and themes (also referred to as “extensions”) which are causing a fatal error are paused for that client. After knowing the issue, admins can address the issue in their preferred way:

  • They can completely deactivate the extension.
  • Fix the problem upon having the technical capabilities, and afterward resume the extension.
  • Also, file a support ticket with the author of the respective extension or contact a developer to fix it.

Block Editor Updates

The Gutenberg editor introduced in WordPress 5.0 have got some improvements. WordPress 5.2 comes with the Gutenberg 5.4 and bring some new features and enhancements to the block editor. The improvements include the following.

  • Significant performance improvements.
  • A new asynchronous mode for block rendering
  • New RSS and Amazon Kindle embed blocks
  • A block management modal with the ability to enable/disable blocks from the block inserter

Accessibility Improvements

Accessibility updates in 5.2 include improvements to markup for Admin tabs, to post formats in list tables, to Admin Bar submenu link markup, and to the Archive Widget dropdown all to help assistive technologies.

13 New Dashicons

WordPress 5.2

After 3 years, Dashicons have got several changes and include 13 new icons in WordPress 5.2. The dashicon library has been updated to use WOFF2 (Web Open Font Format 2), replacing the previous WOFF 1.0 format for improved compression. WOFF 1.0 still is there in the core to maintain backward compatibility.

PHP Minimum Version Requirement

WordPress 5.2 sets the current minimum required PHP version to 5.6.

WordPress 5.2 update is an exciting one for all level of WordPress. The improvements in Gutenberg editors, fatal error recovery mode, and the new blocks are the things I like most. What do you like about the WordPress 5.2 update? Do let us know in the comment.

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