How to Post to Instagram From a Computer in 2 Easy Ways

Do you want to post to Instagram from a computer? This tutorial is for you. Instagram is a very popular social media network for the young generation to share their moments and thoughts through photos and videos. Unlike other social media networks, it does not have any desktop app to upload photos and videos. On your desktop browser, you can only log in and check what other people you follow have posted. If you want to post to Instagram from a computer, we have a couple of methods for you.

Uploading photos to your Instagram account from a computer is difficult as there’s no direct way to do this. There are so many people out there who want to post photos to Instagram from their desktop computer.  Don’t panic if you are one of them. Because, in this tutorial today, we will guide you through the process in some easy steps.

We will show you 2 easy methods to post photos to Instagram from a desktop computer. You can go with the method you like most. Let’s get started.

How to Post to Instagram From a Computer Manually.

If you are using Instagram, it is easy to say that you are using it from your mobile. But for some reason, if you want to use Instagram from your computer to post photos, here’s a detailed tutorial for you. 

Go to Instagram’s Website in Your Chrome Browser.

Since there’s no desktop app for Instagram, you need to use the browser to use Instagram. Go to Instagram’s website in your Chrome browser. (You might have a different browser. For this tutorial, we are using the Google Chrome browser. Please install Google Chrome if you don’t have that)

Click the Three Dots in the Top Right Corner of the Browser to Open Settings

Post to Instagram From a Computer

When you are using Instagram from your Chrome browser, you will see three dots on the very top right corner. Click on the three dots to open the settings.

Go to “More Tools” in the Drop-Down Menu, and Then Click “Developer Tools”.

Post to Instagram From a Computer

Once you have clicked on the three dots, options will be open. Go to “More Tools” from the dropdown. After that, go to ​​ “Developer Tools” from another dropdown option and click on that.

Click the “Toggle Device Toolbar” and Select a Mobile Device From the Drop-Down Menu.

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You will find “Toggle Device Toolbar” at the top after clicking on “Developer Tools”, Click on that and you will find a dropdown menu with multiple phone screen options. Select a phone from the dropdown.

Refresh The Browser and Close Developer Mode

Once you have selected a phone screen from the dropdown, refresh the page and you will see the mobile interface of Instagram from your browser.

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Close the developer by clicking on the cross on the very top right. 

Upload Photos to Post to Instagram From Your Computer

Upload Photos to Post to Instagram From Your Computer

Now, you can upload photos to Instagram from your computer just like the way you post photos from your mobile phone. Your interface is also like your Instagram app on the mobile phone. 

Post to Instagram From Desktop Computer Using A Google Chrome Extension

Apart from this manual system to upload photos to Instagram From a Desktop computer, you can use a Google Chrome extension to automate the process. Just add the “Desktop For Instagram” extension to Google Chrome and you are done.

Post to Instagram From Desktop Computer Using A Google Chrome Extension

Once you have added, you will be taken to the mobile screen of the Instagram app if you are logged in to your Instagram account. And, from there you can post to Instagram from a computer. Also, access app from the from your Google Chrome browser extension library with just a single click.

Post to Instagram From Desktop Computer Using A Google Chrome Extension

We recommend that you follow the manual process. Any third-party Google Chrome extension will be allowed to read your data on the app and browser. The choice is all yours.

Instagram has been a part of our daily life. The young generation can barely live without having the Instagram app on their mobile phones. Since there is a wonderful quality audience to cover on Instagram, there’s a huge opportunity for businesses to present their brands and create great impressions. Businesses, nowadays, have taken Instagram seriously. Whatever the reasons you are using Instagram, if you want to post to Instagram from a computer, this tutorial is very helpful for you. Do visit Virfice for more of such helpful tutorials.

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